EZ Metrics for CorelDRAW 10-12

EZ Metrics for CorelDRAW 10-12 2.0

EZ Metrics makes it easy to move and extrude objects in the third dimension
2.0 (See all)

By itself, CorelDRAW is a very powerful program. But it is lacking some of the features required by technical illustrators. EZ Metrics was created to fill that void. Now it just takes a few clicks to convert an orthographic drawing into axonometric drawings such as Isometric, two forms of Dimetric, and two forms of Trimetric. EZ Metrics also makes it easy to move and extrude objects in the third dimension based on the type of drawing you are creating. We are simply automating features that already exist in CorelDRAW. Functions that require a number of steps and lots of math are reduced to a single click. What this all means is that you will be saving time while creating some fantastic technical illustrations.

It's flexible, it's accurate and best of all, it's easy to use. You get the ability to create any type of axonometric drawing instead of just isometric. We've also added a bunch of features for tracking the transformations. With EZ Metrics, you can even go back to a previous stage. Each of the transformations requires only a single click. And as you can see in the image at right, the interface is very streamlined so that you can concentrate on your drawing!

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